Book of Dead slot

Casino game developers, Play ‘N Go, are experienced and revered makers of Ancient Egyptian slot machine games. Their attention to detail, focus on players, and immersive graphics are the standard in premium online slot machine games. Book of Dead follows explorer Rich Wilde, as he hunts for treasure and glory in the varied and immersive slot machine game.

Test your luck and patience with the well designed slot made with every type of player in  mind. Your quest for secrets, treasure, and immortality will be retold for years to come. The visuals and animations live up to the expectations that players will have for a Play ‘N Go product, and undoubtedly help boost the allure of the slot to players. The HUD is a mysterious tomb with dynamic colors and great detail.

Book of Dead slot

Spins and Symbols

The five reel, ten payline adventure slot from Play ‘N Go has a mixture of diverse symbols. Rich Wilde and Anubis are the stars of the game with their own unique symbols, but there is a mixture of beautiful alphanumeric symbols as well. Your job is to press spin, and watch them line up.

The minimum bet to play all 10 paylines is 10, or one coin per line. Playing less doesn’t really make sense as it handicaps you from maximizing each spin. You are looking for the special Scatter Symbol, that takes the form of a golden chest. These can be any normal symbol in the game, but when you reveal 3, you win 10 free spins.

Bonus Rounds

When you manage to gain access to the 10 free spin bonus round, a mysterious papyrus will open on the screen and you will have an Expanding Symbol assigned to you. This symbol is the secret to getting the bigger payouts and having a chance at the 250,000 coin jackpot.

When you have a winning spin during the bonus round and you have Expanding Symbols present, they will spread across the reel, multiplying your winnings to make sure you go to the afterlife well prepared.

Gamble Mode

If you are wanting to tempt fate further, every time you win you can gain access to the gamble feature. Take the risk if you dare. You have the ability to wager your winnings on a gamble mode where all you have to do is guess the suit or color of a hidden mystery card. You may not be able to resist the temptation forever.

The Best Free Online Slot | Book of Dead

Swedish online casino leader Play ‘N Go’s Book of Dead is a premium online slot machine that teases riches with every spin. Book of Dead is an adventure slot game that pulls players in with its well designed HUD, colors, and animations. Players try to help explorer Rich Wilde brave the forces of the afterlife to find the secrets and riches that the sands have tried to keep. Hidden.

Every adventurer needs a long list of traits to brave the dangers of the unknown. Perhaps at the top are patience and luck. Both of these are tested with each spin of Book of the Dead’s five reels and ten paylines. It can be easy to get lost in the sands, so make sure to keep your wits about you in your search for the secrets and riches that are hidden within the spins of Book of Dead.

Hieroglyphs for High Roll Wins

Playing all ten paylines with each spin is your best bet, even at the minimum wager of 1 coin per line. The ornately and beautifully designed symbols fly down the reels and you eagerly search for matches across the ten paylines.

The most desired symbol in Play ‘N Go’s Book of Dead is the Scatter Symbol. The Scatter Symbol, depicted by a solid gold treasure chest, can be any normal symbol that you can match in the game, with a little bit extra.

Free Spin Bonus Round

The free spin bonus round is triggered when you reveal three Scatter Symbols in one spin. The rewards are 10 free spins, and access to a valuable and mysterious Expanding Symbol.

Expanding Symbols

Upon triggering the free spin bonus round, players will see an arcane tome appear on the screen. The tome will randomly spin through every symbol in the game, minus the Scatter Symbol.

When it stops, you will then see your Expanding Symbol. For the rest of your free spins, this special symbol will be your secret weapon in winning big in Book of Dead. When matched, it spreads across the reels and amplifies your winnings during the free spin session.

Win Even After Your Spin

While the Scatter Symbols, generous paylines, and Expanding Symbols are enough to win up to 250,000 coins, there’s a way to push that even further.

Each win allows you to enter a gamble round where you can guess the color or suite of a hidden mystery card.

Bring the Casino Home

There’s no point in going out when you can stay in. Especially when it comes to casinos. There’s tons of people, lines, and very limited comfortable seating. That’s part of the reason that Play ‘N Go developed the Book of Dead online casino game.

Don’t stress and strain yourself by finding a ride home, paying for gas, or fighting for a seat or machine. Book of Dead puts a casino at your fingertips and all the possibilities that come along with it.

Online Casino, Real Life Cash

Play for real life cash in this online casino game, but it will offer something a bit more than what you could get from an in person casino.

With the Book of Dead online casino game, you can practice you strategies without risking a dime with the free version.

Be a Casino Legend

Players can become a casino legend with Book of Dead’s five reels and ten paylines.

Ranging from 1 to 50 coins, wagers in Book of Dead can look however the player sees fit. Play 1 coin on one payline, two coins on four, or max it out with 5 coins on all ten! The control is in your hands.

The Book of Dead online casino game is an easy to learn and exciting take on Ancient Egyptian themed casino games. There are beautifully designed alphanumeric symbols that fly by, giving players the sense of the magic associated with Ancient Egypt.

The magic and mystery come to a head when players find the unique Scatter Symbol. The solid gold treasure chest is the key to finding the secrets of the forgotten tomb you will explore in the game.

The Scatter Symbol is a mysterious thing. It can grant a player free turns when you land on three in a round, but it can also stand in as a wild card symbol, completing any winning lines that it comes into contact with.

Free Turns Phase

During this phase, players are given a special Expanding Symbol that will multiply any winning lines during the ten free turns won with three Scatter Symbols. They will spread across the other reels and climb the multiplier to bring big wins.

The Final Piece to the Puzzle

Care to live dangerously? In Book of Dead you can bet your winnings in the Gamble round. Simply put your win on the line and try to correctly guess the color or suite of the hidden card. Secrets abound in this premier casino game. Definitely worth a play or two.