Book of Dead Online Slot

With the Book of Dead premium online slot you can open yourself up to the exciting possibilities of the Pharaohs. Join explorer Rich Wilde on his mission to dive into the mysterious tombs of the land of pyramids to find the untold secrets and treasures that have been lost to time.

Swedish developers Play ‘N Go’s premium online slot sets a standard for Ancient Egyptian slot machines with varied gameplay, appealing design, and immersive sound and music.

Real World Cash Won Online

Book of Dead premium online slot gives players the chance to win a jackpot of up to 250,000 coins. Giving players that real world excitement with the convenience of an online platform.

No need to worry about the lines, people, and inconvenience. Simply download the Book of Dead premium online slot and try your luck.

Online Paylines

In Book of Dead, the wagers range from 1 to 50 in the premium online slot game. The wagers will change depending on how much you would like to wager and across how many paylines you would like to play.

Book of Dead has five reels and ten paylines that puts the control in the players hands.

Book of Dead Online Basics

There can be a sense of being overwhelmed in the beginning of anything you want to learn. Luckily, the Book of Dead premium online slot game is very easy to pick up once you know a couple things.

First are the basic symbols. These normal symbols provide coin rewards when they are matched in a variety of ways.

Second is the special Scatter Symbols. These special symbols can stand in for any normal symbol, but have a little something extra.

Thirds is what those Scatter Symbols can do for your bankroll when you manage to land on three in a turn. When this happens, players trigger the free spin bonus round where the big money is!

Bonus Spins Round

The new symbol in this round is selected for players at random. This special symbol will spread across the reel when it is matched in the bonus spins round. This is one of the secrets to ramp up your bankroll.

The Last Secret

There’s one more ace up the sleeve of the Book of Dead premium online slot. Players have the ability to wager their wins against a secret card that can be optionally revealed. When players can correctly guess the color or suite, they add another level of winnings into their bankroll.

Play in the Sand

Who didn’t play in a sandbox when they were kids? Well, maybe not kids today. They may be unsanitary cesspools of bacteria to today’s parents, but to the kids of the past, they were something different entirely.

Sand Castles, RC Dune Buggy racing, and of course Ancient Egyptian adventures piqued our imaginations. Swedish slot machine developer Play ‘N Go’s Book of Dead offers a piece of that wonderment and excitement to players, without having to vacuum the carpet.

In Book of Dead, you play to assist dashing explorer Rich Wilde in his attempts to find the treasures and secrets that are hidden deep within an ancient tomb.

Hieroglyphs for High Roll Wins

Book of Dead allows you to play across five reels and 10 paylines. You can bet as little as one coin on one payline, but nobody has ever struck it rich when they play it safe!

Your best bet if your bankroll is on a budget is to place a 1 coin wager on all 10 paylines with every play.

Doing this allows you to maximize the potential to win the game’s 250,000 coin jackpot, a massive return on the maximum bet of 50 coins.

Book of Dead Play to Win

How do you get up to those big payouts? The secrets are found within the game’s Scatter Symbols.

These golden chests can not only serve as any of the other beautifully designed alphanumeric symbols, but when you get three of them in a single turn, you win 10 free spins.

Playing all ten paylines with each spin is your best bet, even at the minimum wager of 1 coin per line. The ornately and beautifully designed symbols fly down the reels and you eagerly search for matches across the ten paylines.

The Endless Expanse

The deserts that surrounded Ancient Egypt knew no end. The seemingly endless expanse of the desert is mirrored when you play Book of Dead.

During your free spin bonus round, you are awarded a special Expanding Symbol from a book and if you manage to match it during your free spin wins, you are in for a treat.

The game gives players a mysterious folio that holds the symbols of the game within. It cycles through all of the normal symbols of the game to select your Expanding Symbol. The process adds another level of excitement and variability to the gameplay.

The Expanding Symbol spreads through the reels and paylines like the plagues of old, allowing you to win big payouts when you play.

Care to Play Again?

If you care to play again after you have bested fate and won a coin payout. You can elect to play an optional gamble round. The gamble round is a good way to build that extra buffer in your bankroll. All you have to do is select either the color or suite of the mystery card. Good luck!