Book of Dead Demo

Try before you buy. That’s a great selling tactic. Computers, mattresses, cars, and other big ticket items that don’t come with a complimentary demo period should be looked at with suspicion from consumers.

Swedish developers Play ‘N Go embody this concept with their demo of their Book of Dead slot machine game. It allows players to familiarize themselves with the mechanics of the gameplay, the various buttons on the menus, and when to get really excited about their payouts.

Try to help explorer Rich Wilde find the secrets and treasures of the ancient tombs of Egypt in the demo to see if you want to put a little skin in the game.

What are the Basics of the Book of Dead Demo?

The demo version of the Book of Dead slot machine has the same principles of the version that has real money on the line.

You gain familiarity of the game’s five reel and ten payline HUD without risking a dime of your own money.

Betting Strategy

In the Book of Dead demo the minimum wager is 1 coin and the maximum is 50. The minimum of 1 only allows players to utilize a single payline.

Even if your bankroll is on a bit of a budget, it is still a good idea to wager at least 10 coins. This allows players to win across all the possible payines in the Book of Dead demo.

What is the Secret?

The secret to win big in the Book of Dead demo is the mysterious Scatter Symbols. These golden chests have the ability to serve as any one of the game’s other symbols, with an added bit of utility.

Revealing three Scatter Symbols in a single turn gives the player ten free spins and a little something extra.

What Else Do Three Scatter Symbols Give Me?

Landing three Scatter Symbols will award players their 10 free spins and then a papyrus will appear from the beyond.

The pages hold all of the symbols in the game within and they will begin to cycle. When they slow down and stop, it reveals your Expanding Symbol, the multiplier of the free spins round.

Matching these Expanding Symbols tear through the reels like the Nile during flood season. They spread and amplify your winnings to a whole new level.

One More Secret

In the Book of Dead demo, there’s always one last surprise. Any win you achieve during play can be wagered in the gamble feature. Simply guess the color or suite of a secret card. If you miss out, try again. If you land it, it is just one more way to win big in the Book of Dead demo.

Play Book of the Dead for Free

There’s no catch here. No buy one-get one sale. The truth of the matter is that Play ‘N Go’s premium Ancient Egyptian slot game, Book of Dead, is available for download for free.

Explore the tomb within the beautifully designed HUD and screen that both threatens and invites players in. The limestone pillars and detailed carvings give the impression that you can find anything within the tomb’s depths.

Find it in the playstore, or online at your favorite gaming site to download for free. Only a simple download and whatever amount you would like to deposit as a bankroll stand in your way.

Can I Practice for Free?

Don’t worry, the answer is yes. No need to place any real money in the game until you get a feel for Book of Dead’s five reels and ten paylines. When you elect to pay for free, you get a coin purse full to the top to experiment with your wager strategies.

Make sure to learn quickly though, you wouldn’t want to hit the up to 250,000 coin jackpot when you are in the free to play mode. That would be a tragedy on par with Antony and Cleopatra.

Learn to Wager for Free

You can bet as little as a single coin on one single payline, or go all the way up to the maximum, betting 5 coins across all ten paylines.

If your bankroll can handle it, you should consider playing all 10 paylines. Otherwise you risk putting yourself further at the mercy of luck. Maximize your chances and play to win!

What do they Leave Out of the Free Version?

Nothing is left out of the free version with the lone exception of the ability to win real money and increase your bankroll.

Familiarize yourself with the various symbols in Book of Dead as you learn the ropes. There are several default portrait and alphanumeric symbols to sift through, but what you want to look out for is the evasive Scatter Symbol.

How will you know if you found the Scatter Symbol? Hopefully it isn’t too hard to miss. The Scatter Symbol is a massive golden treasure chest that can either serve as a wild card symbol or reward free turns.

Free Spin Phase

Managing to land on three Scatter Symbols in one spine will trigger the free spin phase. This exciting adventure gives players a special Expanding Symbol at random.

Expanding Symbols behave a bit differently than normal ones. When a winning line is attained, the Scatter Symbol spreads across the reels and multiplies the win if and when it is present.

What’s Left to Say?

Book of Dead offers great potential to multiply winnings. When you manage to hit a winning line you can risk it to have a chance at the secret card. The secret card is your last chance to multiply your earnings.

 If you can correctly guess the suite or color of the secret card, you will maximize your winnings.