Book of Dead APK

Be Like Sand in the Wind

It’s really anyone’s guess as to how many secrets the desert’s shifting sands have kept over the years. Sands move as the wind pleases and this can result in burying things that should not have been buried, or found.

Play ‘N Go’s Book of Dead APK game embodies the spirits of the shifting sands as it allows you to play the premium Ancient Egyptian themed slot machine on the go.

Follow the winds of change and increase your bankroll anywhere, anytime with the Book of Dead APK game.

Is the APK Version the Same Game?

The answer is absolutely yes. The Book of Dead APK game has all the same stakes, symbols, art, and gameplay of the desktop version with the added convenience of being able to play unplugged.

The APK version of Book of Dead still has the same five reels and ten paylines that the desktop version has. The only difference is the menu is somewhat more consolidated, but that’s nothing a few practice rounds won’t fix.

Calculated Risks

Wagers range from a minimum of 1 coin all the way to the maximum of 50. You are able to bet on as many paylines as you’d like in the Book of Dead APK game, but should you?

Limiting yourself to one payline limits yourself to how much you can win. Try betting 1 coin on all 10 paylines if your bankroll is tight and see what happens. Sure it’s ten times the bet, but it’s also a 10 times better chance to win.

What Secrets Have the Sands Hidden in the Book of Dead APK Game?

The most valuable symbol in the Book of Dead APK game is the elusive Scatter Symbol. This solid gold chest holds all the keys to the secrets behind finding the rarest treasures of the Book of Dead APK game.

When players manage to land on three Scatter Symbols, they are awarded ten free bonus spins and the access to another secret symbol, the Expanding Symbol.

Expanding Symbols in the Book of Dead APK Game

The Expanding Symbols in the APK game appear during your free spin bonus round. These symbols spread to their neighbors as you win during your bonus rounds.

These Expanding Symbols allow the Book of Dead APK game’s payouts to jump up to a maximum 250,000 coin payout with a max bet.

The Gamble Round

It’s not over just yet. If you are a winner, and a gambler at heart, you can wager your wins into the Gamble Round. Simply guess the correct color or suite of a hidden mystery card.

Where to Download Book of Dead

Swedish casino game developers Play ‘N Go’s premium Ancient Egyptian slot game is available for download for free.

Take your chances with adventurer Rich Wilde as you try to uncover secrets that have been swallowed by the endless sands.

All you need to do is download it from the play store, make your small deposit and start winning.

Start your adventure into the ancient and mysterious tombs of Play ‘N Go’s Book of Dead, and who knows, maybe it will be you to hit the 250,000 coin jackpot!

What All Comes with the Download?

When a player downloads Book of Dead, they are given access to the full game and the demo version that you can play before you pay.

Try to familiarize yourself with the Book of Dead’s five reels and ten paylines before you make your deposit, or don’t. We can’t tell you how to live your life.

The download is complete with the stylish and mysterious HUD that brings up memories of a time where magic and death were powerful forces in the world.

How to Bet

The wagers range from 1 coin to 50 and you can bet any amount of the ten available paylines as well. Be careful though, not covering all of your paylines leaves you at a disadvantage.

What are the Basics of the Book of Dead Download?

There are a few different symbols in the Book of Dead download. The question is, which ones should you really get excited about?

Look for the massive, solid gold treasure chest. When you see that, you have found the Scatter Symbol. The Scatter symbol can serve as a sort of wild card, replacing any normal symbol in potential wins.

The difference between the Scatter Symbols and normal symbols don’t stop there. When players manage to land three Scatter Symbols in one spin, they are rewarded ten free spins.

Win Free Spins When You Download Book of Dead

In the midsts of your free spins you will be assigned a special Expanding Symbol. This symbol, when a win occurs and is present, will jump to nearby reels. This will multiply your winnings in a big way!

Is This Your Card?

The winning can end there, or if you dare, you can keep going. Players can wager their wins to guess the suite and color of a mystery card. Want to try your luck? Download Book of Dead from Play ‘N Go.